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Software Developer/ System Analyst

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Date of last connection: 2013-04-07
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Mr. Sz... Le...

Prepared job(s): : Software, I.T security, System


School: University of Western Australia 6009 Crawley

Education level: 3rd year

Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +7
Last diploma : Bachelor in Computer Science
Current educational level : +3
Prepared job(s): : Software, I.T security, System

Duration of the internship: 1 year
Beginning of the internship:
2013-04-15 2014-04-14
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : Non


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : SAP, .NET, HTML, C program, Java, Javascript, Dreamweaver, Microsoft servers, Databases, data mining, data warehousing,

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Languages :
Chinese : Fluent
English : Native
French : Intermediate

Cover letter

Attention: Recruiting Manager

Providing information technology (IT) expertise in areas such as
software development, IT & business analysis, project management (PM) and related
areas are areas for which my background is ideally suited. Therefore, it is with much anticipation that
I apply for the opportunity to join your team and I am attaching my résumé for
your consideration.

With over six years experience, and a strong academic background, I
have acquired the experience and knowledge necessary to function productively
within the rapidly evolving discipline of Computer Science as well as in other
computer-related fields. My experience was acquired while working in the Cloud
Computing, Hospitality, Military, Storage Technology and Retail environments.
During this time, I was involved in software development, project management,
technology research, storage device testing, SAP documentation, sales and
customer service. The knowledge of such
diverse areas has assisted me in understanding the business IT needs of various
types of organizations, as well as the importance of competitive advantage and business innovation
as well as the excellent opportunities for cost savings, unprecedented speed
and agility and vastly improved collaboration among business partners and
customers that cloud computing and other IT solution provides. Moreover, I understand
unique operational performance requirements, database, standards, and
documentation and I have assisting in creating documentation for the SAP ECC
system. My business experience has strengthened
my skills in needs assessment so as to understand the depth and complexity of
requirements so that pragmatic solutions can be delivered. Also, I have used this approach for the
planning, and establishment of an enterprise-level communication system between
China and Singapore. In preparation, I have actively researched
and explored both technical and procedural solution sets, for technology and
functionality that may be harnessed for enterprise-wide usage with the goal of
achieving operational excellence.

As mentioned above, I have a strong academic background supporting my
experience. This consists of a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, an
Engineering Informatics diploma and a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
accreditation. My degree consists of a major
in System and Financial Accounting thus providing me with a good understanding
of financial decision-making and the importance of regulatory compliance.
Overall, I am skilled in the use of some of the popular computer technologies
used for networking, programming, database management, and common functions
such as word processing, spreadsheet, and presentations.

You will find that
I have the credibility and presence to provide IT leadership to the service
delivery function, and can oversee all aspects of service delivery
organization-wide. I am able to align
the IT function with business strategy and industry best practice to ensure IT
service levels meet or exceed performance benchmarks.

To your team, I
bring such a background together with a strong dedication to lifelong learning.
I would be
delighted to provide you with any additional details that you may need and
would like to emphasize that I am highly motivated and adaptable to new
environments, challenges, and increasing levels of responsibility. Please contact me by phone or email; I look
forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Over six years of experience acquired in the Cloud Computing,
Hospitality, Military, Storage Technology and Retail environments covering
areas such as software development, project management, technology research, storage
device testing, SAP documentation, sales and customer service combined with a Bachelor
degree in Computer Science, an Engineering Informatics diploma and a Microsoft
Certified Professional (MCP) accreditation. Trained in software
development paradigms and models; estimation and planning; system
specification; validation, design, verification, implementation and testing;
quality assurance; ISO 9001 and CMMI standards; configuration management;
process modelling; usability; complexity and process metrics, project and risk
management; reliability modelling; and organisation capability measurement. Skilled in full cycle software
development (SDLC) working in a group
on large and complex systems under tight time and cost constraints with the
ability to use strategies to improve processes and the client relationship
through software metrics and industrial-strength estimation tools. Fluent
in written and spoken English, Mandarin, intermediate French, and basic German
with a global perspective and proven ability to work on projects in a new
cultural and social working environments, including Singapore,
China and Australia.


EPIC I.T., Perth, Western Australia
2011 – Feb 2012

Information Technology (IT) Team Member, Internship

Collaborated with other members of the IT team
in full cycle software development (SDLC) and technical support using .NET
technology for enterprise cloud computing

Facilitated convenient, on-demand network access to a
shared pool of configurable computing resources such as networks, servers,
storage, applications and services to customers that required minimal
management effort at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system

Part of the team tasked to develop new ideas on
improvement to the current business structure by utilizing cloud computing for
competitive advantage and business innovation with excellent opportunities for
cost savings, unprecedented speed and agility and vastly improved collaboration
among business partners and customers

Established test specifications, developed and
documented test cases, describing the tests to be performed and expected
results, including complex test cases for extensive and rigorous testing of applications;
ran test cases and prepared test reports

GOLD BAR, Perth, Western Australia
2011 - Sep 2011

Bar Assistant

Delivered a high caliber of customer service
while functioning within a fast-paced, high volume environment where speed,
accuracy and keen attention to customer preferences were important to maintain
a smooth flowing operation and a high level of customer satisfaction

2008 – May 2010

Sergeant (Army)

Increased the Unit’s productivity by providing
leadership and taking responsibility for the overall performance of the
assigned personnel while leading missions and enforcing the standards during
training; focused on team building and individual recognition

Made critical decisions in tough situations and
also coordinated operations with other agencies as the military sergeant of a

Acquired many positive attributes such as
excellent leadership skills, teamwork, dedication, cross-functional skills and
a positive work ethic

Spearheaded the team to successfully coordinate
the storage of participants’ belongings during the annual Army Half Marathon (Singapore)
involving more than 50,000 runners

2007 – Jan 2008

Technology Researcher

Conducted research on remote communication of
workstations and server maintenance for the purpose of harnessing existing resources,
expertise, creativity and innovation to support the development of business and

Facilitated an enterprise level network connection
between China and Singapore; conducted programming in C & Java to integrate
the communication system

STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES, Singapore Sep 2007 –
Nov 2007

IT Storage
Device Tester
, Industrial Experience Program

Followed test prerequisites and specific setup
procedures to conduct various tests involving durability, and reliability of various
portable IT storage devices

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IT Storage Device Tester, continues

Tested the Rebalance, D3 State, and Multiple
Processor Groups functionality of the devices and drivers as required to pass
the tests that related to multiple processor groups, device power management,
device Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) functionality, and other tests

Monitored test result, detected abnormalities
occurred during testing stage of storage device

Worked closely with the IT team documenting the
SAP ECC system to enable communication between systems within the system
landscape and create a logical system

Acquired experience working with SAP ECC, the
central technical component of the SAP ERP system landscape, including a knowledge
of the various aspects of implementing, operating and maintaining this AS
ABAP-based SAP system

K8 SYSTEM, Singapore Jun
2006 – Aug 2006

IT Sales Representative

Consulted with customers to determine technology
requirements and solve business problems/meet their needs while promoting the
sale of computer hardware, software and IT services; delivered excellent
performance in terms of sales and customer satisfaction


Western Australia Jul 2010

Degree in Computer Science

Majored in
System and Financial Accounting

May 2005

Informatics Diploma

in Engineering Software Development and Networking


Certified Professional (MCP)

grade for Industrial Placement Program


Structures and Algorithms
- Structure stored data to optimize the storage
and retrieval of information; effectively select and apply data structures and
algorithms from libraries; undertake problem identification, analyse potential
solutions using abstract data types and algorithms, and implement effective
solutions; analyse and design algorithms; implement data structures in
high-level programming languages; and use generic structures, or abstract data
types (ADTs) with corresponding algorithms in an object-oriented setting to
encapsulate the data and facilitate software engineering principles of
independent modification, extension and re-use

- Produce reliable software through project management performing
as an individual and as part of a multidisciplinary & multicultural team; apply
computer systems knowledge and manage tasks throughout the phases in the
software development lifecycle; manage problem identification, formulation and
solution within large-scale computing projects

- The key operating system mechanisms in Linux and Windows environments, including the role of Processes
(creation, scheduling, synchronisation and communication), Storage Management
(static and dynamic allocation, paging and segmentation, virtual memory and
demand paging, page replacement of algorithms and memory caches and their
effect on performance), File system (input/output hardware and software, files,
directories and access mechanisms, file allocation and access algorithms and
performance), and Protection & security (goals, authentication, access
mechanisms, protection domains, access control lists and capabilities, and

Requirements and Project Management
- Select and apply requirements
engineering techniques for the elicitation, analysis, specification,
verification and evolution of software requirements; select and apply project
management techniques for process modelling, planning, estimation, process
metrics and risk management; perform software verification and validation using
inspections, design and execution of system test cases; undertake problem
identification, formulation and solution and applying knowledge of science and
engineering skills

Quality and Measurement
- Software development as a process with
management, measurement and improvement, as well as specific issues such as
estimation, planning and quality assurance; develop skills in validation,
verification and testing, the use of ISO standards, user contact, configuration
management, the design and use of metrics, reliability modelling and risk
management; as well as the human and professional issues (such as privacy)
regarding the impact of new systems on organisations and society at large

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– The main alternative paradigms for high-level programming,
including functional programming, logic programming and concurrent programming,
as well as the mainstream paradigms of imperative programming and
object-oriented programming with emphasis on productivity, scalability, program
behaviour, and the correctness of programs

- Create refinements and improvements through analysis and understanding of
existing database implementation; gather business requirements to design a
database; refine the database to improve and ensure correctness and
reliability; correctly program SQL queries and reports; and build an
application layer interface for easier user interaction

- Data communications and internetworking focusing on protocols
and software systems as well as wide-area (WAN), local-area (LAN) and wireless
(WLAN) networks; the TCP/IP protocol stack; client/server and peer-to-peer
networking models; industry standard application programming interfaces
providing network access from within procedural and object-oriented programming
languages; and distributed applications for heterogeneous computer systems;
application programming interfaces (APIs), including the Berkeley socket
abstraction and remote procedure calls (RPCs) and remote method invocation
(RMI); the Network File System (NFS) and the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and
web-based services

- Financial reporting and the core concepts and practices
underlying the preparation of financial statements, financial statement
analysis and the use of financial information in management decision-making;
the business environment, measurement concepts, internal control, corporate
governance and ethical issues

and Systems
- The relationship between a programming language and contemporary operating systems, C programming
language including input and output, memory management and file systems and when
to use C and its standard library for programming

and Privacy
- The importance of confidentiality, authentication and privacy
in the use of computer and network systems, and the roles of cryptographic
techniques, standard protocols and specifications for security; professional
and ethical responsibilities in securing information in computer and network
systems; and the government's role and impact in a global and societal context;
undertake problem identification, analysis and solution to secure computer
systems and the networks that connect them


Computer Network - Developed a program in ISO-C99 that provides communication between
the client and the server; located mobile devices through beacon signals
transmitted by access-points enabling information to be further used to request
photographic image of the scene that should be observable from the location, 2012

Data Mining - Analyzed business data, constructed OLAP cubes and generated reports
using the data; worked with data mining tools PALO and WEKA; recognized with high
distinction, 2011

Project Management - Liaised with client for the functionality and
requirements of the project, developed a GUI connected to a backend database
which stores scientific data; used
software tools SVN, GIT to help facilitate the development of the project;
worked as part of a team and completed the project within assigned time frame
and budget, 2010


- C#.Net, C++, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Java, HTML, VB, JavaScript

- IBM DB2, MS SQL Server 2005/2000, MS Access

Data Mining

- Visual Studio, JBuilder, Visual studio C++60, Citect SCADA

- Macromedia Flash, MS FrontPage

Methodology & Tools
- Object Oriented [UML Notation], Rational Rose,
Visual Studio.NET 2010/2008/2005/2003

Experience working within MAC, Windows, and
Linux environments, SAP, Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Software (Photoshop)


Taught computing skills at a local school in Nairobi, Kenya
- Global Volunteer Network, 2012

Member of Squash Club - University of Western
Australia, 2011

Assisted in building a school for a local community
Kathmandu, Nepal - Global Volunteer Network,

Appointed the position of planner in charge of
the club events and activities, including the freshmen orientation program - German Club, Singapore, 2005 – 2008

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